Hello. Joey. 17. I care, so please open up to me. Promise. :) I track "kingdreamers" I'm in love with God and devotionals are a good way to maintain that relationship. 
Anonymous: Will you pray that God gives me clarity,and strength and whatever else I need? I'm so lost and confused and all God is giving me is the word "wait".

Definitely. God bless!

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Anonymous: Hello. I feel really lonely and weak right now. Today I had a really bad day but I want to look towards the future. Hopefully someday, all my prayers will be answered and I will become a new person in Christ. That even though right now I'm really weak, through Christ I will become stronger . Could you please pray for me? God Bless.

Wow. I’m surprised and glad that you can see yourself out of this loneliness. I know it can be difficult sometimes to feel lonely and weak but remember that God is still with you. I love your choice of diction when you typed the would “will” because that has a connotation of definite. I’m glad you believe in Him and I will definitely pray for you. God bless.

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❝Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.❞
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Anonymous: Tbh I'm really stressed out about school. My professor is so relaxed that it's like she doesn't even teach so I'm basically teaching myself a college course. Please pray? Also, I completely stand by your prayer. We all slip up sometimes and I don't think they should've called you out for cussing.

It’s okay. After all, we have to call each other out in order to be accountable for the actions that we do. I just feel sorry for exploding on the anon earlier. I really didn’t mean to. It is just that I am going through a lot right now and I wasn’t in the mood for someone to point out something I did wrong.

I will definitely pray for you. Don’t forget that you can form study groups and in your groups you can assign everyone a chapter to teach, so they can become experts in a topic and help others. So it is like a mini class. Also don’t be afraid to reach out to Our Lord because after all He is the omnipotent. Remember that it is only one class. Only one grade. When you get higher up and further in life people will not ask what grade you got in that class, so don’t stress too much. God bless!

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Anonymous: I have been considering charter school for my next three years of high school, but I have this thought in my mind that God will be disappointed in me if I do so. It isn't a positive yes that I will do this, but I feel like it's a good idea.

Why on Earth would God be disappointed in you? If you can bring the word of God to charter students then why not? Of course, you would have to weigh the benefits and the disadvantages to going to a charter school. I would talk to your parents about it. I will definitely pray for you and God bless! 

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cleverfarts replied to your post “I just want you to know that I unfollowed you because of your prayer for Cara. I mean pray for her, but how could you put the F-word in a “prayer”? That is so disrespectful.”

ya you tell that anon

Okay. Thanks.

Guys and gals, no more targeting that anon please. They were probably misunderstood or taught something different from us.

To the anon: please know that I am not upset with you. Please know that I still love you. I didn’t mean to come off as rude in the response but I just couldn’t help it. I am still pretty emotional. I’m sorry. I hope you have a nice night.

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Anonymous: would you have sex before marriage?


My anaconda don’t want none until your buns is married to me hun.

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psalmforty6: to the anon, i cuss sometimes while praying. i do it without realizing, but i'm being honest & genuine with god and although cursing is a sin, he'll forgive me for it. & usually by the time i realize i said it i'm already asking for forgiveness. plus, the matter at hand, usually is more pressing than having the f-bomb slip out of my mouth accidentally. if you don't like someone being genuine then just unfollow, don't moan & groan in someone's askbox about the way they run their blog. it's dumb.


Thank you. God bless

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