Hello. Joey. 17. I care, so please open up to me. Promise. :) I track "kingdreamers" I'm in love with God and devotionals are a good way to maintain that relationship. Hiatus: Vacationing with God

Yes you are:)

We will face many storms in life but God can help us through our struggles! #LightAtTheEndOfAStorm
❝Love is not a feeling. It is an overmastering passion—to cast ourselves down like a waterfall, in happy giving, asking for nothing in return except for the joy of doing so. When we really begin to learn and practice that lesson we shall begin to feel “at home” in the eternal word of selfless love. It is not some special feeling one waits for, nor some special person to evoke the love. It is an attitude of will. I will cast myself down in giving. The lower I go, the more love I am able to transmit from God to others, just like the Lord of Love himself, who was not content until He found the lowest place in the Universe.❞
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Having a relationship that is centered on Jesus means every area is surrendered to him not just the ones that are easy!
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