Hello. Joey. 17. I care, so please open up to me. Promise. :) I track "kingdreamers" I'm in love with God and devotionals are a good way to maintain that relationship.
I follow a God who…

adores me
forgives me
listens to me
sticks with me
helps me
heals me
pursues me
loves me
died for me

and I have no idea why,
because I’m a sinner
but that tells you something about my God now doesn’t it?

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❝I’ll make it because He carries me.❞
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I’m going to be fasting for 30 hours this Friday because I don’t think it’s right that nearly 9,500 kids are dying every day because of hunger.
Here’s how it works: I’m going without food so that the kids we’re sponsoring in Niger can eat, receive medication, and go to school.
All you have to do is visit my fundraising page. Your donation is tax-deductible. My goal is to find 10 people who will give $10. Will you be one of my 10?
Thanks and y’all are amazing.

It’s tomorrow!!! GAHH!
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Psalm 91:1

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